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Houseboat trip on backwaters

''Have you ever gone in House Boat cruising on the backwaters of Kerala? If you have not, make sure you do this once which is really, absolute wonderful unforgettable experience. The backwater is formed by the accumulation of sea water at the beach by the to and from motion of the waves. They are usually formed in by the form of lagoons, lakes estuaries.
The backwaters in Kerala is an equisite network of canals, lakes, lagoons and deltas of cc about 44 rivers emptying into the Arabian Sea. The main mode of transport on the backwaters is through House Boat and more than 900 kms of this water world is navigable. The only way to discover the real Kerala is to cruise along its backwaters. You will experience a totally different Kerala as you will sail down these soothing waters in a Country Craft and absorb this unusual representation of Kerala Life. The Hose Boats of today - huge, slow moving exotic barges used for leisure trips are the reworked kettuvalloms of old times.

The best way of experiencing the beauty of Kerala of the backwaters in Kerala is to cruise along either in a rented boat, a canoe or in House Boat which are specifically for tourists. The extra ordinary house boat or Kettuvalloms as they are natively called giant boats measuring around 80 feet length. They are constructed by tying wooden planks together with ropes mode of coir. (cocoanut husk) without using single nail. The Boat is made of planks of Jackwood joined with coir. This is then coated with caustic black resign made from boiled cashew kernels with careful maintenance. A kettuvallom can be used for generations. To cater to the Tourism Industry, these kettuvalloms have been made more luxurious with one or two bedrooms, with attached bathroom, an open lounge, a deck and a crew of three consisting of a cook, an oars man and a guide. Meals would be cooked on board and supplemented with fresh fish from the back waters. The tradition is still continued on the house boats of today and typical cusine is served by the crew come from Kuttanad, the heart of back waters.

Kuttanad is known as the 'Rice Bowl of Kerala' and is characterized by its green landscape. Travel to Kuttanad and see the scenic beauty of Kerala backwaters destination in Kerala tours with Kerala backwaters. Kuttanad is criss crossed with waterways that run alongside fields of paddy. A unique feature of Kuttanad is that many of these fields are below sea level. The fields are surrounded by earthen bunds and crops are grown as the low lying ground. This is similar to the poder region of the Netherlands where land is reclaimed from the sea and crops are grown. You can see the amazing below sea level fields of Kuttanad, while on Kerala Backwaters.


Features of Houseboat

  • Boat will be exclusively for you with three crews. (Captain + Chef & Engine driver) The staff are from in and around Kuttanad with training in hospitality aspects. They speak the local language "Malayalam" as well as English.
  • In case of A/C not working due to any technical faults, difference between A/c and Non A/c Charges (Rs.500/) will be refunded
  • Houseboat stay is inclusive of Lunch, Tea / Coffee, Snacks, Dinner, Bed Tea and Break Fast (Kerala style) (all are complimentary).
  • The food is normally prepared on a fixed menu. If individual preferences are requested it may be intimated in advance before entering into the boat. Fish/Chicken is the usual additional dish for the dinner and is the normal practice which was followed by centuries.
  • Solar energized lighting is available on the houseboats.
  • Most of the products used for the conversion of the Kettuvallam into a houseboat are traditional and eco friendly - bamboo mat for roofing, coir mat on floors, plywood for the walls etc.
  • Most of the houseboats have 2 twin bedded rooms, with attached tiled toilets (with WC, hand - shower, wash basin), kitchen with LPG stove, sit-out with chairs and a sundeck. A separate and private room without any disturbance is provided to the honeymooners. Honeymooners would be attracted by the one-bedroom houseboat (exclusively for the Couple) during the full moon days.
  • The houseboats which are powered by small outboard engines are allowed to move in the canals, lakes and rivers only up to 5 pm, after which they are anchored in a safe place.
  • Houseboat would be standstill from 5.30pm to 8.00 am next day as per Govt. restrictions which is due to the fisherman's fishing by their small country boats, as at this time running our houseboat will be a hindrance for them.
  • In case of any deviation of the houseboat operation, such as technical fault of the houseboat engine or any of the other fault an alternative boat will be arranged on a short time without any inconvenience to the visitors by the officer in charge of the boat.
  • The company will not be responsible for any kind of complaint once they leave the houseboat.
  • Kindly note you will be supplied only extra mattress, if required and not extra bed.
  • Please also note it is the customer to check their belongings before they leave the boat house and any lose of their personal things, the company will not be responsible for the loss.

Houseboat Classification

Classification of houseboats The houseboats are certified by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala as follows.

  • Gold

    with dining table, attached bathroom with western toilet, plywood flooring and well furnished rooms with kitchen facilities. The life jackets and fire buckets also provided.

  • Green Palm

    The living area is comprised with beautiful wooden celling. Furniture are made up of wood, cane and glass with AC Room. Bathrooms are fitted with attached showers and WC. Beds are covered with quality blankets, pillows, mattress etc. The dining area is provided with crockery and cutlery. Beautiful paintings that follow the theme of each House Boat are also affixed. Indore games like - Caroms, Chess and also Fishing rod and Musical system will be an added facilities. The life jackets and fire buckets also provided.

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