About Us

B 4 You Houseboats is part of B Six Kerala Holidays which was established in 1998 and has played a major role in the boating sector going deeply in the infrastructure of the houseboat development, studying the various aspects of the houseboat of the western, incorporating modern techniques when the previous and old manmade rafts are modernized into houseboats. The houseboats are designed in such a way that customer has no questions about the accommodation facility we offer, the luxury arrangement we made etc. We provide a wide range of quality service with much experienced staff in driving, cooking, more and more polite obedient and honest to the visitors who board on our houseboats.

Our houseboats are economic and luxury one and our division such as B Six Kerala Holidays and B 4 You Houseboat are always remembered by our visitors at all times. We also provide luxury package / tours to all places in Kerala and so far we have no complaints of any nature. The enquiries from our customers are answered promptly without any hesitation and without any loss of time.

Enjoy your every moments at Kerala backwaters...

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