Enjoying a cruise is not to be missed, as it leaves you feeling fully rejuvenated. The banks of the backwaters in Kerala are the most enchanting picnic spots. You get to experience the native way of living. The women neck deep on water with their long hair heaped up on their head like a crown with terracotta pots floating beside them. They search for the fish with their toes and when they locate them, either a line of fishermen will swim abreast tretching a net.

Fish trying to avoid the fronds swim effortlessly into the net or else the women submerge to grab them by their tails and heap them up in their pots. The men set out at night with a lamp and a butterfly net and the fishes attracted by the light are scopped out.

A trip through the backwaters presents you an intimate peep in to the typical keralite 'life style' far from the mechanical monotony of bursting cities. You also come across people living on the palm fringed backwaters banks in colourful bungalows- punting their unique boats with bamboo poles.

The dwellers are seen busy building country boats or ferrying products like cocoanut,rubber, spices, coir or rice in their unique boats.

As you cruise along in calm backwates, you come across children leisurely enjoying a dip or men deep in waters trying to catch fish with their bare hands. The chine net line the banks of the waterways to attract fish.

One can glipse chinse fishing nets, locks of duscks swimming, coir workers processing coir look up from their tasks and wave as you passby after a glass of toddy (local spirit) and also water birds can be seen on the edges of the waterways and also tiny birds flying across the sky. The experience enables you to reach beautiful untouched areas. As also the rippling water is a soothing lullaby as you will sail along on a houseboat in the backwaters.